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June 9, 2015

The Jerusalem Post: “US liberal Jewish disconnect”

June 3, 2015

The Jewish Week: Promoting Disinformation at The Jewish Week

June 2, 2015

Israeli Frontline: “UJA-Federation Funding Propaganda Films Against Israel with $300,000 in Donations”

June 1, 2015

Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs: “Karen R. Adler, Alisa Doctoroff & JCF Finance Antisemitic Propaganda Films”

May 31, 2015

YidWithLid: “Why I Won’t Be Going To Today’s Israel Parade (And Why You Shouldn’t Donate To UJA)”

May 29, 2015

The Jewish Press to UJA-Federation on Israel Day Parade: “Stop Worrying About Appearances, Promote Integrity”

May 15, 2015

“101  Shofar Rally” in front of UJA Federation

Arutz Sheva

Jewish Voice

Jewish Press

The Jewish Star

The Jewish Link

Shemittah Rediscovered

Israel FrontLine


Plus one more…  Haaretz

April 22, 2014:

Arutz Sheva: “Richard Allen is a Modern-day Jewish Hero”

April 22, 2014:

The Huffington Post: “Financing the Flames — NIF Parade Fracas Pushes Outraged Jewish Groups to Define Mainstream”

April 20, 2014:

The Jewish Press: “All in the Family: BDS Protests Zabars; Carol Zabar Promotes BDS”

April 18, 2014:

NY Post: “The Mideast War Here at Home”

April 4, 2014:

The Algemeiner: “Don’t let Israel Boycotters Into the Israel Day Parade”

April 2, 2014:

The Algemeiner: “Leading Manhattan Congregation Vows to Pull Support for Israel Parade Unless ‘Anti-Israel’ Groups are Barred from Participating”
March 31, 2014:

Arutz Sheva: “Pro-BDS Groups to take Part in New York Israel Day Parade?”

The Jewish Press: “Israel Boycott Promoters Do Not Belong in Israel Day Parade”

February 21, 2014:

Arutz Sheva: “NY Jewish Museum Cancels lecture By Israel Boycott Advocate”

February 20, 2014:

JNS.org: “BDS Supporter Judith Butler Withdraws from Event at The Jewish Museum”

April 11, 2013:

The Jewish Daily Press: “Pro-Israel Group Claims Win in Pink Floyd Flap

May, 31 2013:

The Daily Beast: “BDS-Backer Alice Walker protested at Jewish Institution”

April 5, 2013:

Arutz Sheva: “Roger Waters Cancels Appearance at YMHA

Music Feeds: “Roger Waters Anti- Israel Campaign Backfires, New York Gig Canned”

Vocativ: “The Rock Star, The Billionaire, and the Institution That Doesn’t Need No Roger Waters… Can’t He Just Leave Those Jews Alone?

April 4, 2013:

JNS.org: “Pink Floyd Member and Israel Critic Roger Waters Event Cancelled at NY Jewish Venue

WCBS-FM: “NYC’s 92Y Cancels Roger Waters Appearance Amid Jewish Pressure

April 3, 2013:

The Jewish Daily Forward: 92Y Scraps Appearance by Roger Waters, Anti-Israel Pink Floyd Frontman”

May 8, 2012:

Israel National News: “Why are Anti-Israel Groups in the Israel Day Parade?”

November 22, 2011:

Jewish Tribune: “Protesters Condemn JCC in Manhattan”

November 21, 2011:

Israel National News: “With Whom is the JCC Partnering?”

July 1, 2011:

The Jerusalem Post: “Jewish Agency Denies Connection to NY New Israel Fund Event”

June 29, 2011:

The Jerusalem Post: “Did Jewish Agency Sponsor New Israel Fund Event in NY?”

April 15, 2011:

The Jewish Voice: “JCC in Manhattan Partners with Supporters of Anti-Israel Goldstone Report”

April 1, 2011:

Jewish World Review: “Jewry’s Jewish Problem.”

The Jerusalem Post:

“Column One: American Jewry’s Fight.”

March 23, 2011:

The Jewish Daily Forward: “JCCs Are a New Front in the Culture War on Israel.”

March 22, 2011:

The Jewish Week: “JCCWatch Responds.”

FrontPageMag.com: “Take Action Against the Delegitimization of Israel Today.”

March 19, 2011:
New English Review: “A Pledge Against Self Destruction of American Jews.”

March 18, 2011:

The Jewish Voice: “Protestors Denounce Manhattan JCC’s Alleged Support of Anti-Israel Groups: Watchdog Group Calls on JCC to Adopt ‘San Francisco Guidelines.'”

March 15, 2011

The Jewish Week: “Advocacy Gone Awry.”

Magazine: “Federations Face Tough Questions About Ties to Left-Wing Groups.”

Israel Matzav:

“JCC Watch Rips JCC of the Upper West Side.”

March 14, 2011:

Arutz Sheva: “Watchdog Group: You Don’t Boycott the MidEast’s Only Democracy.”

NoisyRoom.net: “Press Conference Takes JCC of Upper West Side to Task.”

March 11, 2011:
The Jewish Voice previews Sunday’s news conference (March 13, 2011, at noon): “JCCWatch: Time to Cut Ties with Anti-Israel Groups.”

March 10, 2011:

Israel Matzav:

“Breaking: Manhattan JCC Threatens Carl in Jerusalem.”

February 8, 2011:

In a letter to The Jewish Week (“Film Festival Coverage Seen Misleading”), JCC in Manhattan Co-Presidents Marti Meyerson and Alice Gottesman respond to the February 1 article.

The Jewish Week weighs in with an editorial about the JCC in Manhattan controversy, “Helping Jews Fight Fair.”

February 1, 2011:
The Jewish Week interviews Richard Allen: “JCC Festival Accused of Hurting Israel.”

March 14, 2011:
Right Truth: “Press Conference Takes JCC of Upper West Side to Task.”

March 15, 2011:
Noah David Simon’s Posterous: “JCC Watch Rips JCC of the Upper West Side.”
The United Jerusalem Foundation: “Watchdog Group: You Don’t Boycott the MidEast’s Only Democracy.”
Politi Fi: “Press Conference Takes JCC of Upper West Side to Task”

April 1, 2011:
Talk Radio Freedom 1590: “American Jewry’s Fight.”

February 15, 2011:
The Jewish Week: “Combating Delegitimization Requires a Big Tent”

February 01, 2011:
The Jewish Week: “JCC Festival Accused of Hurting Israel”


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