UJA-Federation Exposed: $6 Million Sent to New Israel Fund Via Wholly-Owned Subsidiary

running_with_money_bags_A fully-owned subsidiary of the UJA-Federation has sent $5,836,856 to the New Israel Fund since 2002, according to IRS form 990 filings examined by JCCWatch, with donations of between $258,503 and $802,096, made each year for the past dozen years.

The revelation contradicts the public statements from the UJA-Federation chair Alisa Doctoroff, past CEO John Ruskay and current CEO Eric Goldstein who have misled New Yorkers to believe that the umbrella charity has no financial connection to the New Israel Fund.

The New Israel Fund, in turn, is the financial banker for a network of organizations that demonize the Israeli government and the Israel Defense Forces, promote boycotts of Israeli products and call for international criminal proceedings against our very own Jewish state.

The findings come on the back of a JCCWatch investigation on Tuesday that showed that UJA-Federation leadership have been pressuring former Israeli diplomats, and the office of the current Consul-General in New York, to give cover for their support of the New Israel Fund to participate in this weekend’s Israel Day Parade.

In 2014, the UJA-Federation reported on the IRS form 990 that it had assets of $1.382 billion, generating $76 million in investment income, in addition to the $167 million in new donations it received from the Jewish community.

Buried on page 7 of its audited financial statements, under “Additional Notes,” the UJA-Federation listed an entity called the Jewish Communal Fund, of which it is the “sole member” and has “controlling financial interest,” meaning the UJA-Federation owns the Jewish Communal Fund, lock, stock, and barrel.


UJA-Federation 2014 Audited Financial Statement

UJA-Federation 2014 Audited Financial Statement


Jewish Communal Fund has 25 board members drawn mainly from the parent board of the UJA-Federation, including its president, Alisa Doctoroff.  As for supervision of the donations, from their annual report: “All qualified grant recommendations are submitted to the Charitable Distribution Committee of the Jewish Communal Fund’s Board of Trustees for approval.”

Reading the detail of their grant-making guidelines, the board has two responsibilities: to be “committed to supporting causes that promote the welfare and security of the Jewish community here and abroad” and to “deny any grant request where the purposes and activities of the recommended charitable organization are deemed to be adverse to the interests of the Jewish community.”


Grantmaking guidelines of UJA-Federation's Jewish Communal Fund.

Grant-making guidelines of UJA-Federation’s Jewish Communal Fund.


The following two illustrations show the cumulative and annual donations from UJA-Federation’s Jewish Communal Fund to the New Israel Fund since 2002.


UJA-Federation - NIF


UJA-Federation - NIF


JCCWatch.org Investigative Unit includes an all-volunteer team of accountants, lawyers, investigators and activists who work to unmask the covert support for those in Jewish communal organizations who would boycott, divest or sanction Israel, using our own donations and institutions against the Jewish people.


Call to Action: let JCCWatch know what you think about this report in the space below (LEAVE A REPLY), call the UJA-Federation (212-980-1000) to tell Alisa Doctoroff and Eric Goldstein what you think about this. And, please be sure to attend the Israel Day Parade on Sunday, tell New York that you support Israel and give a “Bronx cheer” to the boycott, divesting and sanctions-loving New Israel Fund devotees as they march by.

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9 Responses

  1. Martin W. says:

    Yasher koach, Richie. These people are despicable! When will these big shots ever learn?????? I’ll see you at the Parade!

  2. EB says:

    virtually amazing

  3. Judy says:

    Richie, you knew it and you stuck to it! Kol HaKavod! So glad to be on this path with you!

  4. Arie Kandel says:

    Great job! I stopped funding the UJA Federation years ago when I knew that they were funding and promoting the two state solution. This revelation of support for the New Israel Fund doesn’t surprise me at all. American Jews have been shifting radically to the left for some time, which is why they are in step with the Democratic party. Those who truly hold Jewish values are awakening to this reality. Unfortunately, the vast majority have adopted the values and religion of the left: secular humanism. They have a many friends in Israel who crafted the two state solution, and have worked with NGOS to deligitimise Israel. They want a nation like all others and do not believe in the justice of our right to a Jewish country guided by Jewish values. For more than twenty years they have succeeded in damaging Israel, and with every capitulation, we are no more accepted among the other nations. We must be true to our own faith.

  5. enubus says:

    Kapos one and all.

  6. They have betrayed Israel and will also not help with this.

    The Israel Longhorn Project
    A Holistic Project

    “Grazing Animals – The Only Way To Repair The Earth” Allan Savory


  7. It is sickening to read this. Non-stop anti-Israel propaganda is what the public is fed, and these traitors within (and at the top) of the tent combine to harm Israel – and all of the Jewish People. It is outrageous that money collected from those who support Israel is used to harm it. That’s a con game, and these self-decided “intellectuals” are guilty of fraud and they should be prosecuted.

  8. Yossi says:

    Oy gevalt. The Federation leadership should realize the Truth, apologize to the Jewish people. And then all resign.

  9. Diana says:

    Great discovery! Thanks for delving into the mountain of bureaucracy and finding this important info.

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