J Post: JCC Watch “Now Bearing Down Hard Publicly on UJA-Federation for Supporting the New Israel Fund”

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  1. deborah lurya says:

    I am a freelance writer and ardent Zionist protecting Jewish rights at home and abroad. I am not affiliated with Federation or their umbrella org. because of their bias that supports a two state solution. Their funding of agencies such as NEW ISRAEL FUND are very disturbing.

    My daughter served in the IDF Combat unit recently. We have 5 children, all in college and all facing BDS on campus in California. I have fought bitterly against the Federation here in the OC, their support for the Arab cause, namely funding OTI. My husband is a attorney now working with other attorneys in NY on BDS and litigation.

    What can I do to help? I spend a lot of time on the Jpost and other online mags discrediting the anti-Semitic trolls. I don’t get paid for this, but I find it satisfying.

    Please call me if you can use some help

    AM YIsrael Chai


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